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MegaGet Streamer is a multimedia player that lets you view all the files saved on your hard drive or to stream content without having to download it, the latter being what really makes it stand out from the rest.

This application - which was previously known for being an extension of Firefox - is capable of playing any video with great image and sound quality, thanks to the fact that it divides the files into small packets so as not to saturate the connection. Just by adding the torrent links, you can enjoy all the videos you want without having to download them first.

MegaGet Streamer is presented as a fantastic solution for all those users who don't have a high download speed or who are too impatient with torrents. You only have to paste the video’s URL and click 'Start' to start watching the movies.

The program’s interface is very simple and its use is very intuitive. You only need to find the torrent links, enter them in application’s upper bar and everything will be ready in a few seconds.
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